Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oscillator Prototype: Multiple Components

Oscillators are used in electronic music, which is why I adore them!

In addition to building a synthesizer, an oscillator is a good device to have for playing around with sounds.

You can use physical electrical components along with your digital software instruments, BUT WHO HAS CASH TO BUY ALL THE NIFTY DEVICES USED BY PROFESSIONAL DJS AND MUSICIANS?

An oscillator prototype is a cost efficient way to learn about oscillators and to play around with rates of sound output that you may want to adjust freely on your own.


Buzzer (5 volts) [soldered black (-) and red (+) wiring]
Capacitors (.33, 22, and 47 mf)
9 volt power supply

I AM BACK!!! Winter Blogging

Hello People!!!

I am back and on a social media kick while I have some time during break.

Grad school has been consuming my life once more, but gladly this is the last leg and it will be a 5 year run until graduation, BUT I will be uploading content during this season because I have time AND because I will be near my devices in the city where I keep them (since I moved).

Most of my new content will likely be Raspberry Pi and electrical circuit based.

My ASUS G73 is out of commission so I cannot do a lot of heavy computing on this Chomebook.

I would love to make more Propellerhead electronic music videos and 3DS MAX 3d model videos. The apps available for Chromebook just cannot compare to the software on my Windows 7 ASUS.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and videos and website updates.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beefalie QR Code

www.qrcode.kaywa.com QRCode Checking out the KAYWA QR code generator! Neat! QR codes are free and easy to generate.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nearly Healthy Breakfast

FAT 49%

1 frozen Eggo waffle (a little honey on top)
2 boiled eggs
1 banana
1 hot green tea (with a little honey)

The healthiest version would consist of substitutions
Eggo waffle -> 1 piece of 100% whole wheat toast
Boiled eggs -> egg whites with spinach

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Breakfast 430 Calories

CALORIES: 430 calories
CARBS: 54%
FAT: 22%
(Ingredients listed below)

- steel cut oatmeal (1 cup cooked and reheated)
-- (water, almond milk, bkueberries, chopped almonds, honey, cinnamon)
- 3 brown and serve precooked turkey links
- 1 raw banana
- 1 mug of Yerba mate tea (honey, almond milk)
- 1 bottle of water
- 2 hard boiled eggs 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Protein: grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon
Squash, pepper, onion, tomato 
Eggs over easy

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pancake Brunch

A HUGE Sunday brunch.

2 eggs
1 chicken apple sausage
2 pancakes
Toppings: fruits (1 banana, 5 strawberries, blueberries), honey, and cinnamon.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grace Ncube Guitar Set from SoundCloud

Visit the Beefalie SoundCloud for a project of tracks with vocals by Spoken Wizdom.

Grace Ncube Electronic Set from SoundCloud

Visit the Beefalie SoundCloud for a project of tracks with vocals by Spoken Wizdom.

Because Of Your Love by Phil Wickham (cover)

Because Of Your Love

I am now on SoundCloud! Feel free to hear original and covered tracks all in one spot!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tuna Salad

High in protein and no carbs. 

2 cans of tuna
2 tomatoes
A slice of onion
1 green onion sprout
A dill pickle
Black pepper
1/2 avocado
(Miracle Whip)
(Extra ingredients: corn, spinach, peppers, boiled egg, romaine lettuce).

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shin Ramyun (Black)

Super spicy noodles with extra fresh toppings added: green onion, turkey, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini and some seasoned roasted seaweed.

Adding veggies, meats, and some egg can make the meal healthier and more filling.

I only use a half the hot package. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Blackened Salmon Dinner (homemade)

Blackened salmon.
Sides: macaroni salad & greens with tomato, onion, and jalepeno. 
Drink: cranberry pomegranate.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Raspberry Pi Programming a Button Response

The Raspberry Pi can be used to program a script and run a command that allows you to push a button to light up an LED light; an input (button pushed) can be recognized and this is visually represented by the LED light burning.

Hardware Needed:
Raspberry Pi with it's accessories
2 jumper leads (m/f: one for power and one for the button circuit)
1 wire (m/m)
1 button
1 LED (red)
Software Needed:
Debian Wheezy OS

Raspberry Pi Creating an LED Sequence

The Raspberry Pi can be used along with a breadboard to prototype an LED light sequence circuit.

Hardware Needed:
3 LED lights (red, green, yellow)
3 jumper leads (m/f)
3 resistors
Raspberry Pi with power and hardware connected
Leafpad (or another text editor)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Raspberry Pi Programming an LED Blink

Raspberry Pi Programming an LED Blink

You can program an LED blink with your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi with basic hardware setup (mouse, keyboard, power, monitor)
1 black jumper wire
1 red jumper wire
1 resistor

Check out the book "Raspberry Pi In Easy Steps" by Mike McGrath!

Raspberry Pi Powering an LED Light

Raspberry Pi Powering an LED Light

"Raspberry Pi In Easy Steps" by Mike McGrath draws an easy DiY to using the Raspberry Pi to power an LED light.

Raspberry Pi and Power Cord
1 LED light
1 resistor
1 red lead M/F jumper (for power)
1 black lead M/F jumper (for electrical circuit connection)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Changing Myself & Myself Changing

Changing Myself & Myself Changing: Revival & Reformation 

Can I seek out the change within myself first AND THEN I will look different? OR do I start walking the walk first BEFORE I feel differently?

Do you have strange memories of long picnics, yearly t-shirts, guest speakers, and constant church services and special musics for hours on end, day after day?

Reformation may remind us of high school detention, history textbooks and memorization of dates and names of wars and battles throughout the world.

Us church folk often here of scary words like "revival" and "reformation."

What do you think of when you hear the words REVIVAL or REFORMATION?


- Which comes first? The revival or the reformation?
- Can we have one without the other?
- How does real change actually look in my life?

Maybe I feel changed or feel different. A different mindset. A new outlook. Maybe I got some much needed rest. Or had some kind of awakening through a new idea I learned somewhere... got motivated and more driven. Internal change is REVIVAL. A rebirth.

What if I look or act differently? Different clothing, words, physique. External change is REFORMATION. Something we can see in a person or a group of people that is visibly different than before the change took place. Like remodeled clay or a remastered album.

Can I seek out the change within myself first AND THEN I will look different?
OR do I start walking the walk first BEFORE I feel differently?

Do I put out the effort before the change can happen? Or can I be changed just by absorbing my surroundings?

Based on a discussion hosted by Pastor Shiphrah Fepulea'i of Garden Grove SDA and The Sanctuary

Friday, July 5, 2013

Breadboard USB Hack


Breadboards are very useful for prototyping electronic projects. Instead of potentially permanently soldered circuit boards, a breadboard is good for testing and playing around with possible outcomes before creating the final product.

I used the Arduino Electrical Basic kit from RadioShack and a USB game controller to create this hack.

STEP 1: Cut the USB cord from a USB device. Strip the main USB cord to expose the wires. Further, strip the black (negative power) and red (positive power) wires to expose the bare wires to connect to the negative and positive power of the breadboard. Connect the power to the negative and positive sides of the breadboard (for this example. There are multiple ways to power an LED).

STEP 2: Use an indicator light with the positive end plugged into the positive rail, the negative end plugged into the main board (at 10a for example).

STEP 3: Place the resistor on the same row (row 10) as the LED (at 10c and 10g for example). The resistor should straddle the gap.

STEP 4: Run a male/ male lead wire from the second side of the board to the negative rail. (At 10j for example).

Double check all wire connections and plug in the USB end to the USB port on a computer to see the indicator light show that it is receiving power.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ancestral Genetics and Spirituality

How does our genetic makeup determine our spirituality? Does it? 

Theorists suggest that there is a biological role played in spirituality. If so, how does this look?

Previously  we reviewed the thought that trauma does not only have to be due to present life situations, but it could be based on ancestral circumstances. (Click HERE to see the earlier article).

Were your ancestors slaves, refugees, or living during a famine? The theory would suggest that depending on the type of trauma suffered by our ancestors, this trauma manifests in our current conditions: health issues- eating and dietary related disorders; psychological issues- mistrust and rage; spiritual issues- doubt and faithlessness.

Further, if trauma such as famine becomes rooted in our DNA, what can also be rooted in our DNA? Is spirituality a product of our surroundings and cultural upbringing? Most researchers would rarely choose an extreme when considering environment and biology. BUT IS THERE A BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT TO OUR SPIRITUAL WALK, AT LEAST SOMEWHAT?

Why do some people connect with a perceived higher power while others never even consider the possibility of the unknown?

Stress seems to be the underlying factor. The hypothesis is that STRESS can become embedded in our genetic makeup as a type of “buffer” or “defense” for future generations in the case of prolonged trauma (more generations dealing with famine, etc).

Does this mean we are predestined or doomed?
What is the point? If ancestry could somehow determine my spirituality, what could I even do about it? So what.

Lastly, in application- how we treat others can go a very long way.

Perhaps the oppression of one group NOW can negatively impact the chances that their future offspring will be interested in choosing a path of love towards the creator and love towards other humans and all life.

Friday, May 24, 2013

3DS Max Animated Logo

3dsMaxHowTos taught me how to create recreate the "ECG" company logo and animation that the tutor saw on a movie preview.

This logo model was created from scratch using the 3ds Max 2012 software. First the letters were created on 5x5 grids with touching edges to create a box of a 3 letters for the sides. The letters were then extruded and the edges chamfered to create the 3d box. An outer boxed walls of 2 sides and a floor were used as a background. Lights were added on the 3 letters and shadows were chosen to project onto the floor and 2 walls. A camera was added to target the inside of the model and the camera was moved to show the entire creation.

The movements of the camera were animated and the walls and logo model were mapped to tin foil and metal.The final rendered output shows a small few second animation of the camera zooming from the inside to the outside of the logo model to show the entire logo and the letters as shadows on the walls and floor.

3DS Max Tank model animation

3DS Max Tank model animation.
3dsMaxHowTos has some awesome tutorials which can be followed. I use these videos to learn about animations and modeling. I enjoy making videos, but I also enjoy artwork on my computer. So it is often fun to do both at the same time! Check out this tank model. I did not create the model myself. I used the tutorial to create treads from the images provided and I opened the pre-made tank model on my system. The animation shows the tank treads rolling in opposite directions as if to turn around. I may add a camera before uploading the video, and animate the moving camera along with the tank treads moving along the path.

The tutorial taught me how to duplicate one small tread image to create the entire tread around the tank wheels. I also learned how to use a dummy and move the dummy along the path which helped with the animation.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Propellerhead Reason- Hip Hop Dance Original

Propellerhead Reason- Hip Hop Dance Original (Draft and not quite complete).

This is a dark, dirty, bassy, heavy one! Reminds me of the type of stuff I used to write in my head during Reading class in Elementary school.

Free to DL.


No samples used here. Instruments and Combinators created and automated by Grace Ncube.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Best Advice EVER...

Have focus, have discipline, and be present- 

... crashing in exhaustion of the entire day and dreading in exhaustion the near future,
...constant traffic, constant concentration outward, incessantly rushing about, constantly checking the time. Breathe. Gasp, rather.

As Ben toured and experienced the unfamiliar culture around him, he soon realized that the people he was surrounded with dedicated their lives to those around them:

FEEDING the poor
HEALING the sick
CLOTHING the naked
BEING available

Curious to find out where they all got their energy, and interested in their lifestyle, Ben asked a  resident villager,

"If you had any advice for me, what would it be?"

The Past Becomes the Future

Do we truly learn from out mistakes? The past can sometimes dictate a person's future. 

Opposite gender friendships containing un-communicated or mis-communicated signals and thoughts seemed to have ruined some past friendships, even if the friendships were strong and long lasting.

Nitta Vallens (PsyD, LMFT) conducted live interviews with callers who discussed some confusions they had experienced with opposite gender friends. What were the boundaries? Were they both on the same page? Was their communication honest or did they let things go on too long in the wrong direction?

Their past became their future...

"Breathe" by Grace Ncube


A short story, "Breathe" by Grace Ncube

Synopsis: Fiction. This is a story about people.

(My apologies! No cover art. I actually feel bad about that one)!

Free Download of edited short HERE

My Website for more writings, videos, and art work
YouTube Channel for videos and footage

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013!!! Hallelujah!


I am in love with Siggraph  ^___^

Church: Genesis 7 Year Anniversary (GGCC)

Church is a gathering of people that come together to worship our creator. We sing and cry and dance (or lightly sway) and pray. YUP! worship is still the same today as it has been since humans began to realize that we are not here on Earth for no reason. Technology captures those moments and helps us to share glimpses with those who could not be there in real time. Remembering the good times may be hard, but photos and videos can help us to recall those forgotten moments. ENJOY!

Quiet Hour Ministries Mission Conference: Selah Video Clip

Selah performed at the Quiet Hour Ministries Mission Conference. The conferences covered trips and experiences of missionaries through video and stories. Pastor Jose Rojas brought the word of truth. Go! Do it! Serve, help, heal, teach, and be the hands and feet of love in homes and communities locally and worldwide.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to attend the entire meeting.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5: "Because of Your Love" Phil Wickham Cover

Enjoy my COVER of "Because of Your Love" by Phil Wickham created in Propellerhead Reason 5.


Check out Phil Wickham's original version of "Because of Your Love."

Hardware: Ibanez RG Series electric guitar, Fender acoustic/ electric guitar, Monster Cable, 1/4' to 1/8" adapter for laptop mic, laptop mic, ASUS G73sw.

Software: Record 1.5, Reason 5, Audacity.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tron Light Bike Tour (discussing my tron light bike model)

Fun times!

The creation of this Tron light bike model brought back some nice memories of when I first saw Tron: Legacy! 3D World Magazine January 2011 had some amazing tutorials on creating, modeling, rendering, and animating a light bike in Maya. My version of the bike is quite different from the model in the magazine, but it was still very fun to create even though it is unfinished. But I like the way it is right now. Watch the video for more information on resources and software I used to create the light bike. Maybe you would want to create a model of your own!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cheap Android Tablet Keyboard (kinda a re-post with a small update)

WATCH HERE: Video review of the USB keyboard for Android 10 inch tablets. I am uncertain as to whether Android makes these or not. I believe they are a product of China, but they work with Android devices. The Amazon purchase includes a USB mouse, stylus, and faux leather folio case and the USB keyboard, of course!

My mother is still strongly using this and it is still in awesome shape. The package may go for under $20 currently!

It also works with the Raspberry Pi! [Only some of the punctuation keys will need to be reconfigured for use with the Pi].

Monday, April 15, 2013

Probability Distribution and z-scores (Psych Nerd Series- Stats)

Are you having trouble finding and interpreting z-scores for your statistics course? Watch this tutorial to learn more about z-scores. What are they? How do you calculate them? What do they mean? How do I know if my calculations are correct? FEEL FREE TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM! Learn to love stats and feel confident in your work. ENJOY! (Please share and comment if you need more help). THANKS FOR READING, THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Raspberry Pi Tutorial: HDMI to VGA Adapter and Config File Edit

Do you want to use your HDMI to VGA adapter from the Raspberry Pi to a VGA input monitor, but the display will not show?

Uncommenting some of the settings in the config.txt tags, and changing some of the equality settings will allow the visual display to show on your monitor while using the HDMI to VGA adapter. Use this for the DELL 17" VGA input monitor.

Follow this video tutorial to edit your config.txt file from the Raspbian Debian Wheezy image. ENJOY!

Raspberry Pi HDMI to VGA mod

The HDMI to VGA adapter can be used to adapt the Ras Pi to display to a monitor that supports VGA input.
Many monitors have a VGA input but they may not have an HDMI input.
While it is not impossible to find, I have come across more monitor models with VGA capabilities but lacking HDMI input. Some displays (especially laptop displays) may only support HDMI outputs. But for the Raspberry Pi we need and HDMI output plugged into the Pi and some sort of supported input into a display device. Other than using the composite cable into a TV monitor, you can also purchase a cheap HDMI to VGA adapter from Amazon.com for less than $12; you can then adapt your Pi to most monitors.

(Stay tuned for more instructions involving the HDMI to VGA adapter). Suppose you are having issues viewing the display on your monitor once you have adapted the HDMI to VGA on your monitor. You need to edit the CONFIG.TXT file you saved on your SD card Raspbian Debian Wheezy Linux image. I should shortly post related information for the CONFIG file edits.

Other setup info:
This mod contains the following hardware setup:
-USB keyboard
-USB mouse
-USB hub
-USB wifi dongle
-iPhone power adapter
-USB power cord
-NEC LCD monitor
-VGA cable
-HDMI to VGA adapter
-SD card (containing system Raspbian Debian Wheezy)


Friday, April 5, 2013

Limitless in Life (PART 1)

I do believe I have shared this video before. In Forget What You Know: Jacob Barnett at TEDxTeen proves during Ted Talks that the limitations forced upon us are not always legit.

Think of all the things that people have told you that you cannot do. 
Have you done them? 
If so, how and why?
And if not, why not?

Limitless in Life (PART 2)


Have you seen the movie Limitless?

What are our true limits, and how are these determined?

Does a standard IQ test truly tell us that we are able to learn and do well in the Western public school system? What about other tests? Is it the testing that determines how limited we are?

And do we even truly have limits?

If the faith of a mustard seed truly can move mountains, what is holding us back?

Other people...

In the movie Limitless a pill can take a sluggish, undetermined person and create in them abilities to produce what they could never have created otherwise. Of course this drug would be limited and exclusive- and of course illegal.

If everyone was limitless, how could we compare and judge and quantify our own worth! Right?

While driving, limits are set to predict safety. But these limits often change according to weather and traffic. Going 60 mph on the I-101 North may be legal. But if everyone else is crawling at 5 mph, it would be best to travel at a similar speed instead of upstaging each car and driving the legal limit at 60 mph. If the weather is hailing and raining heavily, driving slowly enough to see out of the windshield and to prevent skidding tires would be the right and safe move!

But don't we also take this approach in life?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CamStudio Save Error Fix

Having trouble saving longer video recordings in CamStudio? Fix the error messages and recording problems. Watch this video!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Raspberry Pi and 4.3" TFT Car Reverse Monitor

This video portrays my personal setup and first time usage of the TFT monitor with the Raspberry Pi (running Debian Wheezy).

For my Raspberry Pi and TFT Monitor setup guide, click HERE check out this blog post!

Raspberry Pi TFT Monitor 4.3" Setup

Watch the R-Pi & TFT Monitor Setup 
Raspberry Pi and TFT 4.3" Monitor

The Raspberry Pi board works with the TFT 4.3" monitor from www.amazon.com. The affordable monitor can be purchased for between $12-25 USD and ships from within the USA or from China.

The primary purpose being for use in a car in connection with a camera for displaying reverse, the monitor has many features which can be adapted to other devices.

Check out the video here!
The portability the TFT monitor as well as the small size and few connectors makes this screen great for carrying with the small Raspberry Pi.

The TFT monitor setup is quite simple.

Quick Setup Guide

Monitor Setup

The monitor comes with a cable attached for input (composite yellow and audio white). The red is for power. An external cable is also provided: This cord is the power adapter cable which connects to the red input on one end and connects one black and one red wire to a battery of the appropriate voltage on the other end (the necessary voltage may vary if you choose a differently sized TFT monitor). You can also connect the red input to a 12V DC power adapter.

Raspberry Pi Setup

Your Raspberry Pi will connect with the yellow composite output to your monitor yellow input. You can also connect the white audio, but I do not believe this model of the monitor supports audio.

Insert your SD card running Debian Wheezy, Raspbmc, or another supported Linux OS. Connect your USB keyboard and USB mouse. Connect the Ethernet cable (I use a USB adapter which provides 4 extra USB ports. I also use a wifi dongle which occupies one of the open USB ports).

Link to YouTube tutorial!
Once you have connected the devices for the system, display, typing, pointing, and internet, you will want to power on your Raspberry Pi board. Connect the micro USB to the board and insert the USB end into a powered USB port. I use either my laptop (while the laptop is powered on) or I use my iPhone power adapter.

You will see the monitor display a color scheme and within seconds your Raspberry Pi will begin to boot the system.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raspberry Pi Review

Click Here for my Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup
As a tinkering noob and hobbyist, this Raspberry Pi review is based on my future plans for the R-Pi as well as the potential I see in the board.

PURCHASE: Extremely Easy- The Element14 site had the Raspberry Pi back ordered, BUT Amazon came through! My mobo shipped within one week!

DOWNLOAD: Slightly Complicated- Writing the image to the SD card was a bit difficult because my CHECK-SUM code did not match at first. While the directions on the Raspberry Pi website were helpful, the problem must have been on my end. YouTube tutorials were helpful as were forum posts.

HARDWARE: Extremely Easy- My junk drawer contained the majority of the necessary cables and extremities. Because I already own (and have owned) computers, it was not a problem lining up the necessary tools for my initial setup and boot.

EXTRA HARDWARE (Beautifying): Moderately Easy- Modifying my hardware setup to my own needs required a bit of learning and research on my part. I searched online and at Amazon, Big Lots and Walmart to purchase all the extra parts I would use for my own mod: USB hub, WiFi dongle, a more spacious SD card, a smaller USB keyboard, and a smaller monitor. I am creating a more portable device.

BOARD MODS: Slightly Complicated- My next step is going to be board mods. I am currently working on integration and adaptation possibilities and methods. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES! Stay tuned for more YouTube updates and further related posts. I shall share my master plan when it is more developed. So far, the purchases are running VERY cheap and good!

SUPPORT: Extremely Easy- Forum and user support through the Raspberry Pi, Element14, and YouTube communities are my main forms of learning and receiving guidance and materials. YouTubers are active in providing parts lists, part numbers, and mod advice.

MY NOTES: Be certain that your chosen monitor provides HDMI input or composite/ AV input for the display. Be careful to avoid tricks and scams during online purchases. Seek out more than one opinion before making any major moves: you don't want to wreck any of your devices. Most importantly HAVE FUN AND LEARN A LOT! One very good site for purchases within the USA is Shop Goodwill. (The site unfortunately does not always list part numbers). Shop Goodwill is awesome for used parts.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raspbmc Hardware Setup

My Raspbmc Media Center Hardware Setup

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack. OR small portable TV monitor (powered by a 12v power adapter) using a composite out of R Pi (yellow) and into A/V input on TV (yellow, red).
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

Very good media center! This can be run on large monitors, and resolution is spectacular. I will be using this as a portable way of showing my movies and videos to friends and family without needing to lug around large and heavy devices. Many TVs and monitors at other people's houses may have HDMI or composite inputs. All I need to do is bring my R Pi, SD card with Raspbmc, keyboard, mouse, and I am all set to assist with entertainment! Very little fumbling with connections. Everything is pretty straightforward.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi hardware setup thus far consists of a Sony VAIO touch screen monitor (which belongs to my father), a DELL PC USB keyboard, a Logitech USB mouse, a wifi dongle, a USB hub, an iPhone charger.

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack.
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port. OR 10" tablet faux leather folio case including USB keyboard.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

The Linux version of debian wheezy is running strong here. Internet connection is good. Wifi connection is quite fantastic. EXTREMELY CHEAPLY PRICED COMPUTER OPTION! Limitless possibilities for programming software and dabbling with hardware hacks!

Monday, March 18, 2013

An Aversion to God is An Aversion towards Love (Part 1)

How would your relate to a person with the following personality traits?: 

Judgmental. Hypocrite. Brainwashed. Proud. Controlling. Manipulative. Rude. 

An Aversion to God is An Aversion towards Love (Part 2)

Do we avoid love or do we avoid hate?
God is love.
The Adversary is hate.

Christians are to be Christ-like: Christians are to love.
Why would the world reject God if God is love?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paraphernalia and Pills + Uppers (Psych Nerd Series)

(Upcoming Topics: drug use and drug abuse; child rearing abilities; gang mindset). 

Experimentation with drugs, alcohol, and pills is not uncommon for many American young adults. I am not going to go into any specifics about drug brands and titles. If you want more education on what to take, feel free to browse to web forums. Maybe some day I might post such info, but firstly it would take too long, and secondly I am not trying to get sued! Here I want to discuss use, abuse, and addiction as they pertain to drug. 

Drugs come in many forms. And young people may choose to actively use drugs for a couple of major reasons:


When feeling down a person may wish to feel up. If I don't know of many ways to change the neurological chemicals and waves in my brain, I may resort to drugs as a means of increasing feelings of energy and euphoria. 

Paraphernalia and Pills + Downers + Socializing (Psych Nerd Series)

Downers are the opposite of uppers.

If I feel down, I will take uppers.

If I feel too high up, I will want to come down.

(Notice that as in the "Uppers" post, uppers are not only for depressed people. Similarly, "Downers" are not only for hyperactive people)!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Prisoners and Positive Peculiarities (Psych Nerd Series)

(Upcoming Topics: Prisoners and creativity; drug use and drug abuse; child rearing abilities; gang mindset).

A sophisticated sense and artistic expertise of prisoners can be shown through tattooing. Elaborate designs are found on some inmates. Where did their ink come from?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Purim is Coming!

Purim is coming! If you want to study something this Sabbath, try checking out this educational class posted below!

What is Purim? Who is Esther? And why is an account of her life recorded in the Bible? How did it get there? THIS VIDEO IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Many times we do not learn of WHERE and HOW a story became scripture. Our Bible came together over time.

View this class: http://www.chabad.org/1471163

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Never be Afraid

What I perceive is reality, or is it?

Ben Ralston commented that any situation we face is an illusion. Meaning that our perception of the situation predicts outcomes such as moods, feelings, fears, bravery, and concerns.

Consider these different scenarios in relation to a fear of deep water.
REALITY: I may be afraid to jump off a diving board because I am not a strong swimmer.

SURPRISE: If someone pushes me off into the deep end of a pool, without me knowing that the push will happen, I cannot say that I would be afraid of falling into the water.

UNKNOWN: Suppose I was blindfolded. And then I walked into a swimming pool, I would not have had any time to start being afraid.

Any situation we face is an illusion.

I often study sensation and perception as a Social Science topic. We choose a phenomenon (such as a fear of deep water) and then we try to break down the factors and predict how changing one factor will change an outcome. Or how groups of factors can change an outcome. We manipulate and define variables. How deep is the water? How deep do I think the water is? Am I confident? Have I had practice swimming? When was the last time I swam? What happened the last time I swam? Am I physically fit enough to actually swim? 

We come up with results and we predict how people will perceive things like a sound, or a note (in auditory perception) or a word or a item. I must have nearly drown due to panic. I must have nearly drown due to being out of shape. Or bad leg cramp. Or the surprise of being pushed into a pool.


Why is this?

Any situation we face is an illusion.

Social Science tells us that according to our NEUROLOGICAL MAKEUP (nurture or nurture), our brains form and shape based on previous or repetitive situations. When jumping into deep waters for the first time, I realize that I am a weak swimmer. I panic. I begin to think "wow! I just may die or get injured!" After being saved from the ordeal, I naturally associate DEEP WATER = with= PANIC/ DANGER. Social Science also looks at GENETIC MAKEUP (nature). Perhaps I have a natural phobia of a sort. I may have been born with one or more abnormalities that result in a fear of deep waters. We also consider SOCIAL MAKEUP (nurture). My fear response is related to a social situation. An invite to a pool party or a swim party or a beach event may make me uneasy. I may think about drowning. I may avoid the party. Or I may show up and create an excuse as to why I need to leave.

Any situation we face is an illusion.

Social Science looks at how us humans make our perceptions (such as fears) a reality. Recall the REALITY, SURPRISE, AND UNKNOWN aspects of a fear such as being afraid of deep water. The perception that DEEP WATER <= => PANIC/ DANGER is in many ways an illusion.


Because deep water is not inherently dangerous to EVERYONE. It is only dangerous to weak swimmers, fatigued swimmers, and those who cannot swim. Deep water is dangerous in relation to accidents. But deep water is not always dangerous. A good diver would need the water to be deep for their safety. Shallow water could cause injury or death when diving.


Suppose I am confident. I don't panic. I know I can float on my back. And swim on my back. And swim freestyle. I do have some swimming skills. If I jump willingly into the deep end of the water and I do not panic, then I may be just fine! I may be able to swim and enjoy the water properly. 

Past experiences can shape our future. I can avoid pools and pool parties. But I can also go to the parties and have some great fun.

This is not a truly serious issue. But imagine other issues that are more serious. How do they shape our thinking? How do they limit us?

We can change. It isn't easy, but we can disprove false instincts by closely analyzing their reality.

Of course it is not wise to never pay attention to your gut. But sometimes our instincts deceive us. One bad situation early on can cause us some real pain later on in life. We may miss out on opportunities due to fears. We may surround ourselves with bad people and make terrible decisions.

Trying to disprove some fears can really help our lives. But still, be safe!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ben Ralston: How to be Happy (my notes)

Happiness comes from meeting our basic needs of peace, freedom, simplicity, and connectedness, according to Ben Ralston.


We are love as is everything alive. Some people call it energy, the universe, God.

The qualities of the universe are nature.

Being happy is based on experiencing our natural selves as love.
We tend to look for love outside of ourselves.
We also at times run away and flee, or attempt to flee, from ourselves.

We constantly search for what is always within us
without stopping because we are complex.

Live Unboxing of Myself

Live unboxing videos have become favorites of mine on YouTube.

I enjoy seeing new gadgets and devices, as well as sleek new designs, technology, and even the casings.

Unboxing can happen for new items, and even older, unopened items. Think of moving or relocating: some items will be unboxed, while others will go to storage to never be opened and slowly make their way to Salvation Army or the dump yard.

In addition to unboxing a new toy or old artifact, I can also unbox myself!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Propellerhead Record Redrum

Redrum is a great drum instrument for making beats on a track.

Learning an instrument can be time consuming and it requires practice and rehearsal. Not that recording electronic music is any easier, but a musician can program beats, basslines, melodies, and vocals into a full track without having the be able to physically master the instrument or singing portions.

I have tampered with drums back in my garage band days. We used to switch instruments after practice. I was alright at a point, because I practiced drums at least twice a week. But I never owned drums.

Instrumental parts of my tracks generally begin with drums. I program and edit Redrum kits, adjusting each drum to my preference, and then drawing the details into the sequencer. Everything I learned about computer music was based on UK Future Music and associated magazines, as well as YouTube tutorials and tips and tricks from Computer Music DVDs and my own musical intuition. Check out this video to learn more about programming virtual drum machines.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

EdHelper.com and Tutoring

www.EdHelper.com is an awesome tutoring and teaching website that makes worksheets, stories, and lessons printable and customizable.

I came across this site through the tutoring for which I work. Printing papers and using ink does become a hassle, but I much prefer this to photocopying textbook pages. Copiers can be slow! 

Check out the video I uploaded; it shows a brief example of what to expect from EdHelper.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Adobe Creative Suite Free

Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Creative Suite 2 is free!

I am thankful for being wrong!

In my excitement to DL the software I did not take my time to seek out the serial numbers. A good friend pointed out that these are DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE DL LINKS!

Adobe Creative Suite 2 comes with InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and other applications.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ASUS G73SW Laptop (Review Comments)

The ASUS G73SW is a very powerful machine. The quietness of all the spinning parts and fans is amazing for something this large. I purchased the 17 inch, 720p Best Buy model (including a Black Tie one year warranty). Streaming and downloading is super quick.

The only main issues I had were with the touch pad and the video card.

These I was able to replace through the warranty since it covers hardware repairs. Best Buy took care of the shipping and everything. But I did have to get a Rent-A-Center rental laptop to get me through tutoring work sessions and writing that I am obligated to do for my work. This set me back, but it was worth the wait for repairs. Everything was fixed within 2 weeks.

Currently the laptop is running very nicely. It handles all my graphic work smoothly. The touch pad is still a bit too sensitive. The machine is beautiful, but lugging it to the library and to tutoring sessions and coffee shops can be a pain. I feel like I take up too much space. And I draw a bit of attention with this gigantic thing. I usually just want to get my work done. Constantly I am being approached with questions about the computer, which is fine. But it helps me to get my work done!

This computer can handle all that I need. But I may downgrade in size. I would consider a similar model. I have good faith in ASUS over HP now (after dealing with 2 previous HP 17 inchers). This computer is sturdier and much more consistent in performance compared to my old zd7000 and dv9000 models.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bedroom Makeover!

My bedroom got this new makeover!
Check it out :-0

Tablet USB Keyboard (Toshiba Thrive Review Video)

My mother wanted a netbook to type out emails and go online etc.
In 2011 we went to get her a gift. With the techy spirits we possess, us as her family members all went out to get her a netbook and returned with a 10 inch Toshiba Thrive!

We were excited, but she still wanted a keyboard.

Here is a review of a cheap ~$25 USB keyboard with a portfolio case!
Find this entire package on Amazon.
Watch my review vid!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windows Journal (software review)

Class Notes Sample using Windows Journal Software
I had never used or heard of Windows Journal until a few weeks back. The software is simplistic and not very powerful, but it gets the job done! This program is very nice for writing notes, editing, highlighting, and scribbling around similarly to how we do when taking extensive class notes. My favorite options are:

-import pictures
-create text boxes
-different colors and sizes of pens and highlighters

DOWNLOAD HEREhttp://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20771

Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop Alternatives

A post from GIZMODO was forwarded to me from some techy buddies (www.gizmodo.co.uk). I was excited to see that I was supposedly going to receive a free copy of CS2! I downloaded each disc made available online. IT WAS WORKING! But then a serial number was requested.


How to be Perfect! by Grace Ncube

How to be Perfect! by Grace Ncube 

Don't worry! I'm a screw up. And this I know.