Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ASUS G73sw black screen fixed (PART 5)

ASUS G73sw is now back up and running!

ASUS G73 black screen repaired (PART 4)

ASUS mobo.

ASUS G73sw hacked open for repasting (PART 3)

Opening up this machine was far easier than opening the HPzd7260us! Some of the screws were stripped, but otherwise, a small handy set of basic radioshack electronics screwdrivers did the trick. Simple enough!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ASUS G73sw troubleshooting black screen (PART 2)

Testing with a NEC monitor. The monitor worked with VGA and HDMI to the Chromebook, but nothing showed for the ASUS. This step showed that the problem may be with the video card on the ASUS.

ASUS G73sw GPU Troubleshooting and Repairs (PART 1)

ASUS G73sw BestBuy model had some video issues. I tried draining excess power, reseating the ram, reseating the hard drive and connecting to an external monitor. NOTHING WORKED! So I hacked the machine open and went to work. I eventually got it fixed by repasting the GPU after removing all the old paste from a previous factory repair. It now works well! Check out this video series and see if this may help you as well. Mind you, my warranty was already expired both from BestBuy as well as ASUS. I did not want to pay $189 + shipping to have it repaired. So I figured it was more worth my $$ to spend $9.99 on Arctic Silver 5 and learn some skills on my own! I recorded my process just in case it did not work. But gladly it worked!