Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paraphernalia and Pills + Downers + Socializing (Psych Nerd Series)

Downers are the opposite of uppers.

If I feel down, I will take uppers.

If I feel too high up, I will want to come down.

(Notice that as in the "Uppers" post, uppers are not only for depressed people. Similarly, "Downers" are not only for hyperactive people)!

Travel is nearly compulsory for business people, they may constantly be on the move. Super busy lifestyles may just come with some career choices. Relaxation may be difficult to find for people of busy lifestyles.

Why is this? The brain gets accustomed to moving and thinking. So it just may not come down.

But people need to sleep. People need to feel as if once they come home they are resting.

Turning off the phones, the chats, and the communications related to work helps for some people. I know for me, this is what I do on the Sabbath SO FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TRYING TO CONTACT ME DURING THOSE HOURS... SORRRRRRY! But I honestly screen you guys out :) It is only once a week. Some people need to do this daily- No work calls after 7pm.

No work talk! No work think! No work work!

Your brain may never shut off properly if you don't have a usual shut off time. You may never fully power down.

Downers are also used to relax in social settings. This is why people sometimes drink when they go out. Not only is drinking as a group considered a social connection to peers and friends, but it is a way of relaxing nerves and tension that come with social interactions.

Is socializing really so stressful?


Some people have to drink to dance or go to parties.

Socializing comes with positive aspects such as community, sharing, and bonding. But socializing may also come with humiliation, embarrassment, and ridicule.

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