Friday, May 24, 2013

3DS Max Tank model animation

3DS Max Tank model animation.
3dsMaxHowTos has some awesome tutorials which can be followed. I use these videos to learn about animations and modeling. I enjoy making videos, but I also enjoy artwork on my computer. So it is often fun to do both at the same time! Check out this tank model. I did not create the model myself. I used the tutorial to create treads from the images provided and I opened the pre-made tank model on my system. The animation shows the tank treads rolling in opposite directions as if to turn around. I may add a camera before uploading the video, and animate the moving camera along with the tank treads moving along the path.

The tutorial taught me how to duplicate one small tread image to create the entire tread around the tank wheels. I also learned how to use a dummy and move the dummy along the path which helped with the animation.

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