Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raspberry Pi Review

Click Here for my Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup
As a tinkering noob and hobbyist, this Raspberry Pi review is based on my future plans for the R-Pi as well as the potential I see in the board.

PURCHASE: Extremely Easy- The Element14 site had the Raspberry Pi back ordered, BUT Amazon came through! My mobo shipped within one week!

DOWNLOAD: Slightly Complicated- Writing the image to the SD card was a bit difficult because my CHECK-SUM code did not match at first. While the directions on the Raspberry Pi website were helpful, the problem must have been on my end. YouTube tutorials were helpful as were forum posts.

HARDWARE: Extremely Easy- My junk drawer contained the majority of the necessary cables and extremities. Because I already own (and have owned) computers, it was not a problem lining up the necessary tools for my initial setup and boot.

EXTRA HARDWARE (Beautifying): Moderately Easy- Modifying my hardware setup to my own needs required a bit of learning and research on my part. I searched online and at Amazon, Big Lots and Walmart to purchase all the extra parts I would use for my own mod: USB hub, WiFi dongle, a more spacious SD card, a smaller USB keyboard, and a smaller monitor. I am creating a more portable device.

BOARD MODS: Slightly Complicated- My next step is going to be board mods. I am currently working on integration and adaptation possibilities and methods. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES! Stay tuned for more YouTube updates and further related posts. I shall share my master plan when it is more developed. So far, the purchases are running VERY cheap and good!

SUPPORT: Extremely Easy- Forum and user support through the Raspberry Pi, Element14, and YouTube communities are my main forms of learning and receiving guidance and materials. YouTubers are active in providing parts lists, part numbers, and mod advice.

MY NOTES: Be certain that your chosen monitor provides HDMI input or composite/ AV input for the display. Be careful to avoid tricks and scams during online purchases. Seek out more than one opinion before making any major moves: you don't want to wreck any of your devices. Most importantly HAVE FUN AND LEARN A LOT! One very good site for purchases within the USA is Shop Goodwill. (The site unfortunately does not always list part numbers). Shop Goodwill is awesome for used parts.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raspbmc Hardware Setup

My Raspbmc Media Center Hardware Setup

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack. OR small portable TV monitor (powered by a 12v power adapter) using a composite out of R Pi (yellow) and into A/V input on TV (yellow, red).
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

Very good media center! This can be run on large monitors, and resolution is spectacular. I will be using this as a portable way of showing my movies and videos to friends and family without needing to lug around large and heavy devices. Many TVs and monitors at other people's houses may have HDMI or composite inputs. All I need to do is bring my R Pi, SD card with Raspbmc, keyboard, mouse, and I am all set to assist with entertainment! Very little fumbling with connections. Everything is pretty straightforward.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi hardware setup thus far consists of a Sony VAIO touch screen monitor (which belongs to my father), a DELL PC USB keyboard, a Logitech USB mouse, a wifi dongle, a USB hub, an iPhone charger.

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack.
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port. OR 10" tablet faux leather folio case including USB keyboard.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

The Linux version of debian wheezy is running strong here. Internet connection is good. Wifi connection is quite fantastic. EXTREMELY CHEAPLY PRICED COMPUTER OPTION! Limitless possibilities for programming software and dabbling with hardware hacks!

Monday, March 18, 2013

An Aversion to God is An Aversion towards Love (Part 1)
How would your relate to a person with the following personality traits?: 

Judgmental. Hypocrite. Brainwashed. Proud. Controlling. Manipulative. Rude. 

An Aversion to God is An Aversion towards Love (Part 2)
Do we avoid love or do we avoid hate?
God is love.
The Adversary is hate.

Christians are to be Christ-like: Christians are to love.
Why would the world reject God if God is love?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paraphernalia and Pills + Uppers (Psych Nerd Series)

(Upcoming Topics: drug use and drug abuse; child rearing abilities; gang mindset). 

Experimentation with drugs, alcohol, and pills is not uncommon for many American young adults. I am not going to go into any specifics about drug brands and titles. If you want more education on what to take, feel free to browse to web forums. Maybe some day I might post such info, but firstly it would take too long, and secondly I am not trying to get sued! Here I want to discuss use, abuse, and addiction as they pertain to drug. 

Drugs come in many forms. And young people may choose to actively use drugs for a couple of major reasons:


When feeling down a person may wish to feel up. If I don't know of many ways to change the neurological chemicals and waves in my brain, I may resort to drugs as a means of increasing feelings of energy and euphoria. 

Paraphernalia and Pills + Downers + Socializing (Psych Nerd Series)

Downers are the opposite of uppers.

If I feel down, I will take uppers.

If I feel too high up, I will want to come down.

(Notice that as in the "Uppers" post, uppers are not only for depressed people. Similarly, "Downers" are not only for hyperactive people)!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Prisoners and Positive Peculiarities (Psych Nerd Series)
(Upcoming Topics: Prisoners and creativity; drug use and drug abuse; child rearing abilities; gang mindset).

A sophisticated sense and artistic expertise of prisoners can be shown through tattooing. Elaborate designs are found on some inmates. Where did their ink come from?