Friday, January 25, 2013

Propellerhead Record Redrum

Redrum is a great drum instrument for making beats on a track.

Learning an instrument can be time consuming and it requires practice and rehearsal. Not that recording electronic music is any easier, but a musician can program beats, basslines, melodies, and vocals into a full track without having the be able to physically master the instrument or singing portions.

I have tampered with drums back in my garage band days. We used to switch instruments after practice. I was alright at a point, because I practiced drums at least twice a week. But I never owned drums.

Instrumental parts of my tracks generally begin with drums. I program and edit Redrum kits, adjusting each drum to my preference, and then drawing the details into the sequencer. Everything I learned about computer music was based on UK Future Music and associated magazines, as well as YouTube tutorials and tips and tricks from Computer Music DVDs and my own musical intuition. Check out this video to learn more about programming virtual drum machines.

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