Friday, May 24, 2013

3DS Max Animated Logo

3dsMaxHowTos taught me how to create recreate the "ECG" company logo and animation that the tutor saw on a movie preview.

This logo model was created from scratch using the 3ds Max 2012 software. First the letters were created on 5x5 grids with touching edges to create a box of a 3 letters for the sides. The letters were then extruded and the edges chamfered to create the 3d box. An outer boxed walls of 2 sides and a floor were used as a background. Lights were added on the 3 letters and shadows were chosen to project onto the floor and 2 walls. A camera was added to target the inside of the model and the camera was moved to show the entire creation.

The movements of the camera were animated and the walls and logo model were mapped to tin foil and metal.The final rendered output shows a small few second animation of the camera zooming from the inside to the outside of the logo model to show the entire logo and the letters as shadows on the walls and floor.

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