Sunday, April 14, 2013

Raspberry Pi HDMI to VGA mod

The HDMI to VGA adapter can be used to adapt the Ras Pi to display to a monitor that supports VGA input.
Many monitors have a VGA input but they may not have an HDMI input.
While it is not impossible to find, I have come across more monitor models with VGA capabilities but lacking HDMI input. Some displays (especially laptop displays) may only support HDMI outputs. But for the Raspberry Pi we need and HDMI output plugged into the Pi and some sort of supported input into a display device. Other than using the composite cable into a TV monitor, you can also purchase a cheap HDMI to VGA adapter from for less than $12; you can then adapt your Pi to most monitors.

(Stay tuned for more instructions involving the HDMI to VGA adapter). Suppose you are having issues viewing the display on your monitor once you have adapted the HDMI to VGA on your monitor. You need to edit the CONFIG.TXT file you saved on your SD card Raspbian Debian Wheezy Linux image. I should shortly post related information for the CONFIG file edits.

Other setup info:
This mod contains the following hardware setup:
-USB keyboard
-USB mouse
-USB hub
-USB wifi dongle
-iPhone power adapter
-USB power cord
-NEC LCD monitor
-VGA cable
-HDMI to VGA adapter
-SD card (containing system Raspbian Debian Wheezy)


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