Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop Alternatives

A post from GIZMODO was forwarded to me from some techy buddies ( I was excited to see that I was supposedly going to receive a free copy of CS2! I downloaded each disc made available online. IT WAS WORKING! But then a serial number was requested.


I was a bit frantic and slightly unhappy, but I thought that maybe the blog had some answers. As I continued to read the post, I noticed the updates. I would not be getting a product key. At this point I still have not searched the Adobe website to double check if they were hiding the serial numbers some place. I do not blame GIZMODO. They do a very nice job and they post so much cool and useful stuff, this is why I wanted to re-post what they posted. It is not their fault that they were tricked just as I was tricked!

Adobe Creative Suite 2 free alternatives can be found at the link GIZMODO posted:

I agree that it would have been nice to have CS2 for free! And maybe this is legally possible. But as I posted previously, during the summer I easily learned to use GIMP and InkScape. The freeware is quite powerful. There are many export options. Thankyou GIZMODO for providing even more alternatives. I am excited about seeing what each FREE program has to offer!

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