Friday, April 5, 2013

Limitless in Life (PART 2)


Have you seen the movie Limitless?

What are our true limits, and how are these determined?

Does a standard IQ test truly tell us that we are able to learn and do well in the Western public school system? What about other tests? Is it the testing that determines how limited we are?

And do we even truly have limits?

If the faith of a mustard seed truly can move mountains, what is holding us back?

Other people...

In the movie Limitless a pill can take a sluggish, undetermined person and create in them abilities to produce what they could never have created otherwise. Of course this drug would be limited and exclusive- and of course illegal.

If everyone was limitless, how could we compare and judge and quantify our own worth! Right?

While driving, limits are set to predict safety. But these limits often change according to weather and traffic. Going 60 mph on the I-101 North may be legal. But if everyone else is crawling at 5 mph, it would be best to travel at a similar speed instead of upstaging each car and driving the legal limit at 60 mph. If the weather is hailing and raining heavily, driving slowly enough to see out of the windshield and to prevent skidding tires would be the right and safe move!

But don't we also take this approach in life?

When others move slow, we want to move slow. When we keep getting knocked down, we want to stop moving altogether.

But does this mean that we are limited?

Just because others say- you can't do it! Does not mean you cannot succeed.

Just because we tell ourselves- I can't do this! Does not mean that we don't have the potential.

There are standards created by mankind. Us humans tell ourselves and tell others that this test will prove what you can do; this level of status will put you at the top; you can only do what you want if you follow path A, because path Z is just too hard.

But we were not created with these limits. We created these limits ourselves.

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