Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ASUS G73SW Laptop (Review Comments)

The ASUS G73SW is a very powerful machine. The quietness of all the spinning parts and fans is amazing for something this large. I purchased the 17 inch, 720p Best Buy model (including a Black Tie one year warranty). Streaming and downloading is super quick.

The only main issues I had were with the touch pad and the video card.

These I was able to replace through the warranty since it covers hardware repairs. Best Buy took care of the shipping and everything. But I did have to get a Rent-A-Center rental laptop to get me through tutoring work sessions and writing that I am obligated to do for my work. This set me back, but it was worth the wait for repairs. Everything was fixed within 2 weeks.

Currently the laptop is running very nicely. It handles all my graphic work smoothly. The touch pad is still a bit too sensitive. The machine is beautiful, but lugging it to the library and to tutoring sessions and coffee shops can be a pain. I feel like I take up too much space. And I draw a bit of attention with this gigantic thing. I usually just want to get my work done. Constantly I am being approached with questions about the computer, which is fine. But it helps me to get my work done!

This computer can handle all that I need. But I may downgrade in size. I would consider a similar model. I have good faith in ASUS over HP now (after dealing with 2 previous HP 17 inchers). This computer is sturdier and much more consistent in performance compared to my old zd7000 and dv9000 models.

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