Monday, March 18, 2013

An Aversion to God is An Aversion towards Love (Part 1)
How would your relate to a person with the following personality traits?: 

Judgmental. Hypocrite. Brainwashed. Proud. Controlling. Manipulative. Rude. 

I wasn't fortunate enough to go to a Christian college or a Christians university.

While many of my friends were at academies or PUC, I went to public schools since grade 11.
My folks reasoned that they are cheaper. And more affordable. Who has the money to spend on the same education?

I always asked myself: "Why do so many secular people hate Christianity?"

Why do they hate hearing even the mention of the name of God? Why does the phrase "I am a Christian" rub so many people the wrong way? Why do people scoff, and ridicule Christians? Why are Christians considered ignorant or backwards in public universities?

I asked myself these questions.

And then
I began to ask my secular friends these same questions.

Here are some things that secular people hate:
Christians are

Mean: no one wants a rude, negative comment from a stranger.

Judgmental: reprimanding and scolding others for their lifestyle can easily make someone want to screen my calls and ignore everything that I say from that moment onward.

Hypocrites: people will watch to see if I practice what I preach. There is not much room for error.

Brainwashed: regurgitating information that I heard without any experience or without the ability to answer questions does not impress someone seeking answers.

They are proud: if someone comes to Christ, there is not a need for me to brag. I did not do a dang thing but MAYBE send out an invitation.

They use religion and the Bible as a means to control and manipulate: If I am convicted of something, that does not mean that everyone else will experience this same conviction.

Rude: Lending a listening ear goes much further than preaching my brains out to someone who may have no clue about the Transfiguration or any sort of Fundamental Beliefs.

Unloving: People need a hand sometimes. They should not feel as if they have to beg me for a hand. And if I help them I should not stab them in the back. I should use intuition and try hard to notice others in need before they even ask! And there should be no gossip from my mouth about anyone's situation

During an intense class of learning how to run and interpret advanced multivariate statistics, one class mate was reading a book during break. It turned out that she was trying to learn the Lord's Prayer in a Chinese language. Another student turned to me and said "I hate Christians. They are always mean and telling people that they will go to hell if they don't believe the same thing. They always tell me that I am evil." I responded that Christians should not be so mean. None of us knows what will happen to another person.

I made sure to become good friends with this girl.

She somehow later on found out that I was Christian. She said she was surprised. Since she always ranted to me about how much she hated Christians, she thought that I was not a believer. I basically told her that I usually agreed with almost everything she usually said.

I am so lucky to have so many secular friends. I feel like the best conversations I have about God are with non-Christians. 

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