Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oscillator Prototype: Multiple Components

Oscillators are used in electronic music, which is why I adore them!

In addition to building a synthesizer, an oscillator is a good device to have for playing around with sounds.

You can use physical electrical components along with your digital software instruments, BUT WHO HAS CASH TO BUY ALL THE NIFTY DEVICES USED BY PROFESSIONAL DJS AND MUSICIANS?

An oscillator prototype is a cost efficient way to learn about oscillators and to play around with rates of sound output that you may want to adjust freely on your own.


Buzzer (5 volts) [soldered black (-) and red (+) wiring]
Capacitors (.33, 22, and 47 mf)
9 volt power supply

I AM BACK!!! Winter Blogging

Hello People!!!

I am back and on a social media kick while I have some time during break.

Grad school has been consuming my life once more, but gladly this is the last leg and it will be a 5 year run until graduation, BUT I will be uploading content during this season because I have time AND because I will be near my devices in the city where I keep them (since I moved).

Most of my new content will likely be Raspberry Pi and electrical circuit based.

My ASUS G73 is out of commission so I cannot do a lot of heavy computing on this Chomebook.

I would love to make more Propellerhead electronic music videos and 3DS MAX 3d model videos. The apps available for Chromebook just cannot compare to the software on my Windows 7 ASUS.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and videos and website updates.