Friday, June 28, 2013

Ancestral Genetics and Spirituality

How does our genetic makeup determine our spirituality? Does it?

Theorists suggest that there is a biological role played in spirituality. If so, how does this look?

Previously  we reviewed the thought that trauma does not only have to be due to present life situations, but it could be based on ancestral circumstances. (Click HERE to see the earlier article).

Were your ancestors slaves, refugees, or living during a famine? The theory would suggest that depending on the type of trauma suffered by our ancestors, this trauma manifests in our current conditions: health issues- eating and dietary related disorders; psychological issues- mistrust and rage; spiritual issues- doubt and faithlessness.

Further, if trauma such as famine becomes rooted in our DNA, what can also be rooted in our DNA? Is spirituality a product of our surroundings and cultural upbringing? Most researchers would rarely choose an extreme when considering environment and biology. BUT IS THERE A BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT TO OUR SPIRITUAL WALK, AT LEAST SOMEWHAT?

Why do some people connect with a perceived higher power while others never even consider the possibility of the unknown?

Stress seems to be the underlying factor. The hypothesis is that STRESS can become embedded in our genetic makeup as a type of “buffer” or “defense” for future generations in the case of prolonged trauma (more generations dealing with famine, etc).

Does this mean we are predestined or doomed?
What is the point? If ancestry could somehow determine my spirituality, what could I even do about it? So what.

Lastly, in application- how we treat others can go a very long way.

Perhaps the oppression of one group NOW can negatively impact the chances that their future offspring will be interested in choosing a path of love towards the creator and love towards other humans and all life.

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