Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raspbmc Hardware Setup

My Raspbmc Media Center Hardware Setup

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack. OR small portable TV monitor (powered by a 12v power adapter) using a composite out of R Pi (yellow) and into A/V input on TV (yellow, red).
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

Very good media center! This can be run on large monitors, and resolution is spectacular. I will be using this as a portable way of showing my movies and videos to friends and family without needing to lug around large and heavy devices. Many TVs and monitors at other people's houses may have HDMI or composite inputs. All I need to do is bring my R Pi, SD card with Raspbmc, keyboard, mouse, and I am all set to assist with entertainment! Very little fumbling with connections. Everything is pretty straightforward.

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