Saturday, February 2, 2013

Live Unboxing of Myself

Live unboxing videos have become favorites of mine on YouTube.

I enjoy seeing new gadgets and devices, as well as sleek new designs, technology, and even the casings.

Unboxing can happen for new items, and even older, unopened items. Think of moving or relocating: some items will be unboxed, while others will go to storage to never be opened and slowly make their way to Salvation Army or the dump yard.

In addition to unboxing a new toy or old artifact, I can also unbox myself!

Writing is an activity I tend to do on a regular basis. With this comes plenty of notebooks and computer files containing poetry, notes, short stories, journal entries, facts, fictions, memories, and goals. But I find it super strange that I tend to keep my topics separated. IN BOXES.

I have a few notebooks from high school mostly with old English writing entries. I threw out the good grades and for some reason I kept the bad scores. This is what I refer to as my progression book. Or my book of failures (depending on my mood).

One blue school notebook went from a school composition book to a prayer journal.

My Death Note journal is just what it sounds like. A wonderful gift from a very dear friend.

Some of my folders are password protected, with good reason. Some have strange stories. Some have serious writings.

I cannot explain any of this!

I am a bit on the organized side when I need to be. But must I categorize things? Sometimes I even know what to write, but if I cannot find the proper place to put the writing, I have to keep thinking it over. There have been times when I could not place a certain idea, and so it never got recorded or completed. This is what I would call a bad and poor methodology.

People always say to think outside of the box. But thinking within a box can be good too! There is nothing wrong with organization, but if the boxes keep one from accomplishing their goals, then they should be restructured. How to do this? I still do not know! For the time being I need to continue unboxing myself. Observing and analyzing the boxes, and trying to reach some sort of reconciliation.