Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I AM BACK!!! Winter Blogging

Hello People!!!

I am back and on a social media kick while I have some time during break.

Grad school has been consuming my life once more, but gladly this is the last leg and it will be a 5 year run until graduation, BUT I will be uploading content during this season because I have time AND because I will be near my devices in the city where I keep them (since I moved).

Most of my new content will likely be Raspberry Pi and electrical circuit based.

My ASUS G73 is out of commission so I cannot do a lot of heavy computing on this Chomebook.

I would love to make more Propellerhead electronic music videos and 3DS MAX 3d model videos. The apps available for Chromebook just cannot compare to the software on my Windows 7 ASUS.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and videos and website updates.

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