Saturday, March 23, 2013

Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi Hardware Setup

My Raspberry Pi hardware setup thus far consists of a Sony VAIO touch screen monitor (which belongs to my father), a DELL PC USB keyboard, a Logitech USB mouse, a wifi dongle, a USB hub, an iPhone charger.

Cables and connectors:
VISUAL: HDMI out of R Pi and into VAIO in jack.
POWER: USB 2.0 to mini into iPhone charger and into outlet.
TYPING: Keyboard to usb port. OR 10" tablet faux leather folio case including USB keyboard.
NAVIGATION: Mouse to use port.

The Linux version of debian wheezy is running strong here. Internet connection is good. Wifi connection is quite fantastic. EXTREMELY CHEAPLY PRICED COMPUTER OPTION! Limitless possibilities for programming software and dabbling with hardware hacks!

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