Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writer's Block -____-
I must admit that it is getting harder for me to write.

I am constantly scratching my brain for interesting stuff that I come across.

And I regularly write about almost everything.

But it is hard to post stuff lately.

You probably notice a HUGE difference from the earlier stuff I posted...

Well that earlier stuff was stuff I wrote up to 2 years ago!!! But since I invited more people to read the blog I feel that I need to edit things out.

Basically, my process goes like this: I write down anything that I want to remember or any new idea or concept that I learn. I do this daily. I have been doing this since HIGH SCHOOL! I have tons of notebooks and journals. My notepad on my iPhone is filled with sketches of ideas. I journal about random stuff all the time. I can type quite quickly, so it is not an issue to write things down. Even editing is not so terrible, although I should apologize for some of the more sloppily edited posts.

This is how I have lived my life since 2002!!!

But my problem hit when I invited people to the blog.

(Mind you, it is my problem, and not your problem. But I have decided to share it because it might explain any noted disconnects).


I am not an open book. And those who know me will quickly realize that I am not big into sharing. Not one bit! I am very selective. I know that most people don't get me. So it is easier to share certain things with certain people!

So there goes my dilemma! It obviously is not a big issue. But that's just how it is! I don't want to scare away non-religious folk by talking about Biblical ideas. And I don't want to water things down by not accrediting Biblical teachers for their thoughts.


But it goes further than religion. There is also spirituality! A different thing all together. I draw spiritual ideas from almost anywhere. But the second I slap a name on the idea--- I already know what "biased" thinking looks like. And yes, my own opinions are also biased. This I know. But the second I say the name of Prophet X or Lama Z, one person may be completely turned off, which a different person may relate totally.

Family members like my mother may know a different side of me from people like professors! Maybe I like it that way! Maybe I would rather not know that certain people have read certain things. Some people are very conservative, which is fine! But I would not want to be trampling on people's beliefs by posting links to rated R movies, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, pork, shellfish, and jewelry. Part of me feels totally wrong about that.

How do you reach all people from all angles? And is this even possible?

I have friends from church, friends from my neighborhood, friends in other countries, friends of different religions, friends without a religion, friends with different lifestyles, friends with different paths, ages, advantages, disadvantages, sexual orientations YOU NAME IT! 

Trust me people, I have a LOT of ideas to share. But I think about each individual reader before sharing them. Hmmm...... (This is me "thinking out loud)...

I am not like Heshy Fried of I am not writing satire about Jewish culture and traditions. I am not like Chris Pirillo of I am not writing and VLOGGING about geeky content like technology and the like. But I read these guys DAILY!

Maybe I care about offending people. But I also want to be real. Or else there is no point to posting stuff online if I just whittle away at the content until it is left with gaping holes and blank, incomplete ideas.

I will just have to figure out a way around this issue. (THESE ISSUES). What do you think? What would you do?

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