Friday, July 6, 2012

WHY ME? In case you feel worthless

Many people wonder why they are on this earth. Many people also wonder why a certain other individual in their life was or is on this earth as well. In a spiritual and philosophical sense (yet not going into true logical phrases nor religious teachings) I personally believe that we are here for a reason. Yes, some people may squander their lives away, and yes, others may make people truly miserable. But there was a reason that both they and ourselves were all put here. Bad things happen to good people, of course! But very unfortunate. But bad things also happen to bad people. Let me put things this way: remember your geometry class, or whatever class it was that allowed you to break out you handy ruler and create lines... CREATE A LINE IN YOUR HEAD. Not a segment, but an "x" to "y" line (the one with the arrows on both sides. And just for kicks, take your line and place a "negative infinity" symbol on the left and a "positive infinity" symbol on the right. THERE! Now mentally label this supposed infinite line "humans." now place a dot anywhere on that line. That dot, it is US! It is humans, you and me, him and her, those other people, our ancestors, the unborn babies, and the first people ever alive. Now our small dot can be encased by a "circle" which represents our home planet (so far) called Earth. And earth can be encircled by our galaxy which can be encircled by the universe. LET'S STOP OUR COMPLEX DRAWING THERE. Now, feel free to check this out. We have all this infinity. And we are so limited. Do you have a brain? And thoughts? Have you accomplished things in your lifetime? What about your ancestors? What about your grandparents? Did someone before you struggle for your sake? You see, we are finite, and encased by infinite space and infinite time. We do not KNOW what happened for sure, or how or why we got here. But there are some facts. We are here. You are sensing and perceiving whatever it is that you are sensing and perceiving at this very moment.

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