Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holistic Living
There are multiple approaches to living a full life. There are many definitions of living and many different definitions of full.

While some teachings leave gaping holes, others cover just about everything.

Suppose you were from a culture where you were taught to only allowed eat refined sugars and refined carbs. You may miss out on some serious benefits of healthy eating.

If you were taught to eat only proteins and fats, then you would have differing issues, but still you would have problems.

A balanced diet is a healthy diet.

But holistic living cannot only consider diet. Just like with diet we cannot only eat one category.

So it is in life; we cannot only work to better ourselves in one area. If you spend all day praying or meditating or contemplating, then you will miss out on serving others.

If someone spends all day socializing then they may miss out on the work that that they need to do on themselves.

A life fully of school work or extremely rigorous work can leave out care for family, children, and friends.

Holistic living considers all aspects of life. All fields of the human condition.

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