Sunday, July 29, 2012


[I chose to post these lyrics because I can easily relate the words of these artists to the way I feel about this blog ].

-THE INTRODUCTION- from the Sick of Change album "These Shattered Lives"

"The Introduction"

It all starts now...

These are opinions
These are beliefs
These are deepest thoughts

Can you read them?
Can you feel them?

For our darkness and injustice, we bring you light;
We've inflicted our hearts, and opened our scab healed wounds.

We've extracted the very things we have so long kept hidden,
Never realizing pain can bring such freedom...

No longer a prisoner in our own minds...

Still very ashamed, only when exposing them:

We fall like the stars
And live like the sun.
Impedance, forgiveness
We are blameworth so hold us to our wrongs.

But we are humans and cannot hold our lies against us.

Let our thoughts concede
(Let the music play)
Let our words touch lives
And these lives touch the world

Let the music play...

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