Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in Your "Wallet"? (PART 1)
I don't even know the commercial it's from!

The slogan "What's in your wallet?" can be applied in a different way.

What do you keep in yours? EVERYTHING that is important that you may need once you leave the comforts of your home, of course.

Men and women may also carry small bags, large bags, "murses" or purses. These are used to carry EVERYTHING ELSE that does not fit into a wallet. Everything you think you may need. Everything that, if your house burned down, you just might need as a tool to get you by.

Let's change this question a little bit to ask:

"What's in your body?"
"What's in your brain?"
"What's in your goals or plans?"

Just as we use a wallet, we use our bodies to hold things that we believe will help us on a regular basis.

You would not fill your wallet with useless junk. You only have so many slots and so much space. So why would you fill it with things like crumpled up trash, old newspaper, or bubble wrap

only to leave no more space for what you will actually need. 

But with a wallet, if it is damaged you can always buy a new one. You can always even get a second one to put in the useful products.

But we only get one body (at least until sci-fi steps it up)!

Just like our wallets, whatever we put in is what we will have to use. Whatever we fuel ourselves with is what we will have to run us. I would much rather be run by nature and good and edifying thoughts than by a trash dump and waste.

But of course I like to go off the path and indulge too. It's just a matter of limiting my indulgence so as not to harm myself. I KNOW, IT AIN'T EZ!

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