Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is a Spiritual Walk a Selfish Act?

Lately I have been enjoying many of the teachings by Ben Ralston.

I love Eastern thought.

One question asked by a commenter was "Is it selfish for me to focus on my spirituality when there is so much wrong in the world?"

A very difficult question. Ralston basically answered the question quite simply:

There is a lot of bad on this earth. And people should take time to observe and heal the wounds from ancestral trauma. The past affects our future both negatively and positively, and all such aspects are imprinted on our offspring. This is why people have similar character flaws to their folks and family members. Some of the bad can be passed down. We are predisposed to certain ways of thinking about the world. Certain ways of dealing with the difficulties in life. We also learn through observation. And bad things are passed down for multiple generations. (As well as good things, luckily).

Supposing no one took the time to try and better themselves. Live up to their full potential. Follow their calling. Find the true reason for their existence.

Humanity would only move backwards.

We want to move forward.

Self actualization helps us to deal with ourselves and live among clashing tides in civilazation.

Ralston concluded that a person who feels that working on their negative feats as a selfish act may have low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. Love for oneself is important. Everyone is worthy of love. Loving ourselves aids us in loving others.

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