Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in Your "Wallet"? (PART 2)
It's fun to fill ourselves with unhealthy things. Yummy chemical snacks and beautifully colored toxic junk. It's exciting to fill our minds with all kinds of unhealthy negative thoughts and ideas.

Things like gossip, feelings of worthlessness, and grudges are not good for us. They cause us stress. 

Ultimately, everyone is equal. 

No one person is so much better than another that they can say terrible things about another just because that person's faults are actually KNOWN. 

You are not worthless. You are here for a reason, and maybe you don't see it, but we are merely humans. We are extremely limited. Everyone has their purpose it's just up to each person to live up to their full potential.

Grudges just suck. But be the bigger person. Even if you were not wrong first, if you were still wrong just apologize. Then the ball is in the other person's court.

Pay attention to your heart rate at times You may notice that it changes in certain situations, but is it because you are happy, or is it because you are stressing? 

Try to take time out of everyday. Actually, don't try.. ACTUALLY DO IT! 
Have some quiet time. No TV, no radio, no iphone, no tablets, no FaceBook/YouTube/Hulu/Netflix... NO NOTHING. 

Just you and yourself and the earth around you. Take time to actually think on issues. And take time to actually address those issues. Face 'em. Don't try to drown the world out 'cause it really ain't going nowhere. In the morning, the world will be just where you left it. Is that okay with you?

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