Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Life Coach
A good friend recently sent me a link for a place where I could sign up for free life coaching. I took a couple days to read the website. I came across the initial assessment. Below I have decided to share the assessment for the life coaching as well as my own answers to the questions. (Just FYI, the link I posted with the uploaded picture is not from the site that I actually attended. The site I visited was

I actually wrote these answers prior to posting. I was not thinking to post. But then I remembered that I had not posted yet today. So today's post will be just that.

Feel free to check out my answers to the questions, but also try to answer the questions for yourself as well. I actually learned a lot about myself from just doing this one questionnaire!

1. What are your key job/career goals? I like science because it changes with each project. I like the aspect of exploration that science provides, plus I enjoy thinking and using my brain. I like structure. But I also want the freedom to keep working on my music, art, writing, and creativity.
2. What skills or knowledge are you developing? I am already good with data, analyzing, and interpreting. I am working on developing better writing skills and a more varied and detailed knowledge of the theories in the field of Psychology as well as other areas of Social Science.

1. What accomplishments must, in your opinion, occur during your
lifetime so that you will consider your life to have been satisfying and
well lived- a life of few or no regrets? I believe that I need to be able to continually recreate my own ideas. I love to learn. I like to see results. I am not so much interested in money as I am in stability. Specifically, my short term goals are to finish this social science blog. I want to make a website and even eventually write a book or pamphlet for students. I want to create something helpful and informative, but readily accessible. I would also like to create a musical album and book about computer music instruments (mostly related to synthesizers and modulation). Mostly, I want the field of Auditory Perception to benefit from something I created, not just for scientists, but for the general and artistic publics as well.
2. If there was a secret passion in your life what would it be? I have recently been sharing my secret passion which is writing. But I also love visual art, and I rarely share that. And I also write music. But I share it selectively.
3. What do you consider your role to be in your family / in your
community? My family role is to be a dutiful daughter. As the eldest I am to be a role model. I am also to uphold the honor of my family's name through education and contributing and giving back to society. I believe that my community needs me as a positive voice. I think I have a slightly easy time reaching out to people in poorer areas because I have been on both sides of the fence.
4. If you could devote your life to serving others- and still have the
money and
life style you need--- what would you do? How would it look? I notice certain problems where I live such as homelessness and inequality in education availability. The city where I live spans EVERY area of the spectrum. There are severely homeless, ESL immigrants, non-English speaking immigrants, extremely wealthy, universities, private schools, public schools, charter schools etc. I would want to address mostly the inequality seen in public education. I think this is a large contributing factor to the problems I see. With public school education I would want to work to make it so that kids in the poorer areas of town could have the exact same advantages as kids in wealthier areas. While doing this I would also need to have a creative lifestyle. I would need the freedom and time to work on music and art. And I would also like to keep studying and broadening my intellect.
5. Do you believe in God or in the concept of a higher power? If so,
the most useful and empowering aspect of your relationship with that
If not then what reference point do you use? I believe in a creator. I believe that I was created. I believe that there is a God. I believe in the Bible. I believe that people sometimes use the Bible to manipulate people into leading a lifestyle based on judgment and hatred. For me the most empowering aspect of my relationship with God is the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.
6. What activities have meaning and heart for you?
Being in nature, focusing on something difficult and solving it, and creating something out of basically nothing.

1. What do you want to make sure you get from a coaching
relationship? From a coaching relationship I would want to get encouragement. A lot of times I have ideas to do things that I want to do, but people often discourage me from doing things because they feel that I can't do them.
2. How do you want me to be as your coach? Nice.
3. What can I say to you when you are most stuck that will return you to
action? Make me accountable and give me a reachable deadline.
4. If you trusted your coach enough to say how to manage you most
effectively, what tip would you give? When people are nice to me they manage me most effectively.
5. If you had a 5 –year goal and you had continuing service of a coach to
you make it happen (and money was not an issue) what would that goal be? I would want to have started and possibly completed a PhD program.
What difference would working with a coach make? Accountability. I work best when I know that someone else needs me to do a good job.
6. What else would you like for me, as your coach to know about you? I would want for my coach to know anything about me that they want to know. But I am not sure of exactly what. About my personality: Basically, I have a lot of mental energy. I am not the smartest person in the world, but when I focus I tend to surprise myself. I have a very studious and hard working side. And I also have a very calm side that likes to just relax and sit on the beach and go for walks. I also like to socialize sometimes. But I tend to enjoy my own company immensely. Sometimes I am very talkative. And other times I really would just rather listen and not contribute to a conversation. One of my favorite activities is learning. I am a simple person with simple interests.

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