Monday, July 16, 2012

Who you are now and who you were then. (PART 1)
Who are you now and who were you then?

A wise man recently told me that he love Los Angeles so much because people here care more about who you are NOW than they care about who you were THEN.

For a person who is working on change and still hoping to achieve a certain brand or title, WHO YOU ARE NOW may be more important. But if you are elderly and you have lived life to the fullest and you are now settling in your last days, the appeal of WHO YOU WERE THEN may be more attractive.

But perhaps I am wrong.
Why would WHO A PERSON WAS THEN be so important?

There is a movie about a couple of acquaintances from a small country town. They decided to get away because they were frustrated with the people who THOUGHT they knew them. They felt misunderstood and so escaping was their solution. While driving out of their childhood area they came into contact with a man they had never seen.

They thought it might be a cool addition to their adventure to pick the man up.

The man was nice to them. He offered the youth advice and helped them as a friend.


They dropped him off and said good bye. There were no second chances.

All the good that this man had done was lost and forgotten all because his background was found out.

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