Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who are you, REALLY? PART 1

Catch Me if you Can
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
positions a con artist in a philosophical debate of
GOOD versus EVIL.
Or at least this is how I viewed the movie.


Good: If you are not hurting anyone, is it okay to pretend to be someone you are not?

Bad: Is it bad to pretend to be someone else?

Is it bad to steal someone's identity?

Is it the amount of GAIN you receive that determines if the pretending is GOOD or BAD?

Is lying always bad?
Suppose  you want to test a new setting.
You have your new apartment in a poverty stricken part of town.
You have your new job in the part of town where the wealthy reside.

You make friends in your apartment and you realize that due to the new job you landed you are quite well off in comparison to the other residents. You lie to them about your income and you tell them that you poor. They accept you.

Your new job brings you posh clients. You want to obtain more clients, so you reveal to both your clients and your boss and colleagues that you are from old money. You are a baron (or baroness) from abroad. You have a fat bank account, vast landscapes, and an incredibly deep savings, not to forget the association of your name. All the ladies or gents seem to love you. They adore you for the leased car which you claim is your third Ferrari. People flock to be with you.

The reality: You are neither poor nor rich. You are average. Sometimes you are broke. Sometimes you are well off. Sometimes your account is negative. You are just the Average Joe.

Your pretending has won you friends. But can you tell the truth? And if not, why not?

Forget that you lied and betrayed the trust of your new social networks. Supposing they never cared about that aspect of the scenario, would they accept you for who you are? Would the poor accept that you are more well of than they? Would the rich accept you as possibly less wealthy or equal?

Why or why not?

And what makes it okay to be of one status in one situation while in a different situation you may not be able to get away with people knowing those same things about you?

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