Friday, August 10, 2012

Eating vegetables is hard for me.

I literally have to keep track of my veggie and fruit intake.

Eating carbs is easy (breads, rices, noodles, etc.).

Strangely I lose about ONE POUND per week if I don't workout and I just eat healthy.
Like if I eat a big salad for lunch every day of the week, and I eat relatively regularly, then that's about all it takes for me!

When I work out I do gain weight before I lose pounds. Maybe it's muscle and maybe it's because I tend to pound proteins when I work out a lot. But results are noticeable for me anyways.

I have targeted my "problem" areas. The areas where all my fats seem to build up and not want to leave.

I'm am sure that no body cares, but I am quite regular. So I don't tend to need a lot of fiber to help me out. But I did eat a few FIBER ONE bars one day... kinda a big mistake for me! But they tasted yummy!

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