Sunday, December 30, 2012

Motherboard Replacement HP zd7260us

Your requests for more tech related videos will be answered. I can most easily begin with some older videos. Here is a motherboard replacement video. My HP zd7260us 17 inch laptop had an adapter jack which fried! It was sparking and smoking -___- I first replaced the Jack. This did not work well. The MoBo was still burned so the new jack did not work. Because I could not get power to the board, after the battery died the laptop no longer powered on. Mind you, the battery life was about 2 hours at best on this massive, heavily running machine. I purchased a cheap refurbished "like new" MoBo on ebay. This was cheaper and faster than waiting to raise the money, ship, and wait for HP to fix it themselves at their expensive prices. I figured, HEY, THIS LAPTOP IS OLD! It was about at a breaking point anyways. So attempting to fix it was not an issue since it no longer worked properly at that time. Manuals can be downloaded for free from the HP website based on laptop models. The directions showed how to disassemble the laptop. This was hard work. Getting to the MoBo was no joke! But it was very fun. And all worth the effort. A GREAT DIY PROJECT!

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