Thursday, December 20, 2012


Port cities have been major immigration hotspots since the first settlers arrived.
Basically, you have to enter the country SOMEWHERE!

New York.
Los Angeles. Hollywood.
These words have a lot of meaning and a lot of history.

To begin, people started pouring in from the East. The INNER CITIES were transitional places for people like the Irish and Italians. The people came in. They got affordable housing. They worked. They saved. The flourished. They moved. Where did they move? They went to the suburbs. Out of the crowded and congested and polluted cities. They moved where the air was cleaner and the crime rates were lower. They moved away from the factories and they had children who were educated in the U.S. Their kids spoke English. Sometimes names were changed, etc., etc...

Ghettos came about near WWII. The Jewish immigrants also came in through the port cities. Same as the Irish. BUT, the Jews were forced to stay. They were allowed entry, but they were forced to stay put.

Many other groups came through the East. Haitians came. Cubans came. PEOPLE CAME.
Look at the trends. They came in waves. When the government needed certain types of work, the people came in waves. The Chinese, the Filipinos, the Haitians, and the Cubans ALL CAME DUE TO THE GOVERNMENT PROJECTS. They were hired to work for the U.S.

Let us jump back to the 1600s-1800s.
All this new land needed to be worked for cheap labor. THEN, people needed to work for free, based on exploitation. NOTE, THIS IS A COMMON THEME. WE NOW OUTSOURCE OUR CHEAP OR NEARLY FREE LABOR. I would still call this all slavery. This is how we get our Nike shoes and cool jackets and stuff.

People came west.
Some pioneered.
Some raped, and pillaged, and ruined, and massacred. Executed.
Some trail blazed.
Some map quested.

People settled in the wild west. There was gold and fairy tale. This brought people. There was good weather. There was "unlimited" and "free" land.
All the while, people were being driven out and slaughtered for convenience. Native people. Were being tortured and killed and imprisoned by the "conquerors."

The Chinese came to build railroads.
The Latinos came to work the fields.

Where are we now?
The Bacero Program stole from MANY MEXICANS. Many families lived or moved to Los Angeles and the surrounding cities. And nearby border states.

We still need our food and clothing. And engineering. And construction...

Where are we now?
We are now in a capitalistic society. THEY work for US. People in other countries and from other countries either work in their native lands or come to this land. Either way, we get out products.

Are there any good parts to this? Yes!!! I am here as a product of both slavery and immigration and missionaries and Native Americans. THAT IS I!

Are there any bad parts to this? YES!!! although the majority of us have our origins from other lands, we still call this place ours. There are those who were here first. They are not necessarily reaping from the benefits of this system. 

They seem to be struggling. They got left behind and forgotten. I am not saying that Natives are weak. These people are likely some of the most resilient on the planet.

It happened where my dad comes from.

Is Westernization a good thing?
It is good for the people who are creating the moves.
But the people getting trampled suffer.
Their generations suffer from their suffering.
And those generation pass on all that suffering to further generations.

Learning from mistakes is half of life.

Natives were already slaughtered. Let us not make this into a worldwide action. Let us not spread diseased ways all across the globe. Those kids sewing our shoes need parents and education. Think about this- all those people working for 1/4 of a penny a day, what will their kids be like? What will the world look like in those areas where American sweat shops are the main source of income, yet the residents cannot afford clean water or nourishing foods? If we give it 50 years we may be sorry. Treat people the way you want to be treated, else they may rise up in an "intifada" against you. Just ask the Israelis.

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