Friday, December 21, 2012

Challenging Western Culture: East and West
Previously I wrote of how immigrants basically got to the spots where they are.

Now we need to talk about what the Western identity is.

Let us immediately contrast and compare to Eastern identity.

EASTERN IDENTITY works at taking the whole. The spiritual, physical, mental, thoughts, actions, foods, behaviors, words... these are all lumped into yourself as your being.
WESTERN IDENTITY looks at me as a group of parts. My church life is at church, but during the week I may not act the same. My work life is what I do at work. My home life is what I do after work. What I eat and how I study are different things.

In Eastern culture there are spas where girls or guys can go with their friends and bathe. In the nude. In Western culture, why would you want to get naked with your friends? Nudity is paired with sex. While it is often related, nudity is not inherently linked to sex. This explains why Westerners may partake in voyeuristic acts. But in some cultures, voyeurism is not as popular as it is here.

Western culture comes from a place that says: if it is natural it has the potential to be evil. THEN- if it is natural then it will lead to evil SO IGNORE EVERYTHING NATURAL. What is natural? Anything that helps us survive.
AND HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT EACH OF THESE CAN BE PAIRED WITH WESTERN ADDICTIONS or disorders? porn addictions, anorexia, alcoholism, greed or gambling addictions.

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