Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LIVESTRONG: A Close Friend's Story
See my good friend Iram's LIVESTRONG story.

A very close friend of mine has unfortunately been going through an extremely rough rapid of a time.

We spent a portion of our lives together, and within that short area of time he brought myself and a group together as a small community of trustworthy friends.

People moved on and went to school and majored in different professional subjects and started dating and got married and had children and traveled and started careers.
Click Here for Iram's story.

Time was lost.

But the friendships still remained.

Until about 1998-2002 or so we all lived in the same "bubble."

We later came in contact about once a year or less.

But there is something about good close friendships. While everything else around may crumble, there are still those people that you find yourself thinking about. Wondering about.

He has been one of the most influential friends I have ever had, people: keep him in your thoughts, prayers, and meditations. This runner, athlete, genius, pastor, therapist, counselor, father, friend... brain cancer survivor... as if he was not already going through a lot, he is still going through additional amounts of toil.

What do you tell someone with a story like his? How can you try and help a friend? What amount of money or kind words will help? Anything? Maybe it just helps to let the person know that you care? Or does it? I don't really know.

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