Monday, October 15, 2012

Creating Success
Creating success, being successful, and having successes are all different topics.

I have been in an office for the past 3 weeks.

This office has many framed posters hanging around.

In a room today I sat directly in front of a poster which read:

"When there is no wind, row."

Meaning- if nothing is coming your way, and you want it, make moves and go get it.

Sometimes we may want things? Other times we may need things. I often hear people say things like:
"I want to learn martial arts."
"I want to learn to play piano."
"I want to learn to speak Tagalog."

If you really want something, you will be able to look back and see progress. Maybe I am not as smart as some geniuses out there. Perhaps I cannot run as fast as an Olympian. Possibly, I just don't have a certain natural gift or personality type.

Think of anything you have learned or put effort into learning. If you were not naturally gifted in this area it likely took time, and study, and practice.

Have you ever become good or improved at a hobby or job without doing anything? Have you ever awakened and been able to fly?

During college I used to partake in "sleep studying." This was when I was up late preparing for an exam and I ended up falling asleep over my books. Do you think I learned all the material by drooling over the pages? How many times did I stare at a book cover to absorb the contents? Maybe if I were on the cast of Star Trek this could be my reality.

None of us are victims when it comes to wanting to learn something.
Most of the time the potential of the struggle and effort are not worth it to an individual.
This is why people may not want to make their dream come true.

My attitude is one of ambition. I do not think there is any task too difficult for me to accomplish. I am not very smart. But my brain is limitless. With time, effort, dedication, persistence, and MUCH PATIENCE I can learn anything. I will learn anything I want to know.

Making excuses is easy.

Being persistent can be hard. Especially when your effort may not seem to yield desired results.

But aren't any results better than zero results?

The best success comes through a struggle.

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