Monday, October 15, 2012

Creating a Free Website
Creating a free website can prove to be a struggle. Questions you may want to ask yourself:

Are the services offered through free web hosting worth the free price?

Suppose you need some help with scripts. Or maybe your website decides to crash the day before you plan to launch a new feature. Will the free services accommodate your needs? Will the free hosting provide prompt and adequate help? Will you be able to edit your website as you please?

Sometimes you pay for what you get. But if you don't know what you want, it would not hurt to give it a whirl.

Since the recent summer of 2012 I have been playing around with content writing, website design, and website editing. As a self starter in most hobbies, I tend to enjoy the challenge of tooling around with software and hardware. I enjoy taking things apart and attempting a fix up. The aches in my brain bring me great pleasure. Well, most of the time.

00webhost is the free host I have been using. I have gone from no skills to decent skills, and all for free. Between YouTube, volunteer work, and borrowed library books I have developed some skills in Wordpress, HTML and CSS.

I do plan to take a few courses in the near future, but I prefer to learn things for free before I decide to pay.

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