Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Strategy of Success 2
See Walking young lives out of poverty.

The wording in the previous quote explains the many aspects of success.

Determination includes motivation, drive, and action. Sometimes we want things but we may not be willing to put in the work. There may not seem to be a benefit to it all. The END may not justify the MEANS.

With a determined mindset we first WANT something and we then DRIVE as a means of GETTING what we WANT.

Making an Opening
I recently did some woodworking on a small project of my own. Part of the project involved a power drill.

For a first-timer, drilling can be a challenge. Sometimes the drilled holes will be crooked. Sometimes the holes are too small. Other times the holes are too large for what you may need. You don't want a screw to fall through the hole. You need the ridges of the screw to catch the border of the wood so that whatever it is holding will stay in place.

I learned to make a PILOT HOLE with a smaller drill bit. This helped to guide the larger bit. And once the hole I needed was in place, I could then use the OPENING for whatever I intended to do with that area of the wood. [I could insert a string, a screw, or use the opening as just one small area to create a larger effect (such as a gear or mechanical portion of the project)].

But without that hole, without the opening, you cannot move forward. The opening must be there for either small plans (such as a simple screw) or large plans (such as a proposed movable part).

Get it? The same is true in life. Without the opening, we cannot do what we want. If there is no position available, we must make a PILOT HOLE. Make a very small route. Create a path for the direction we wish to pursue.

IT IS OF COURSE A LARGE TASK OVERALL. But no one can expect for something to come out of nothing.

Thorough and Faithful
Doing work is one thing.
Doing work RIGHT is something completely different.
Have you ever helped someone move a large piece of furniture?
We all know what it feels like to KNOW that we are the one doing all the hard work!

WHY IS MY END SOOOOO HEAVY? We have 4 people carrying this large couch... I FEEL LIKE I AM CARRYING THIS THING ALL BY MYSELF!!!

...being present, taking your load, being meticulous and paying close attention to detail, fixing even minor glitches. This is being thorough. Not just making "face time" but also doing the amount of work you are responsible for, taking responsibility for your own tasks, predicting possible outcomes and preventing errors before they happen, editing and fixing the work before it is turned in,

... being truthful, honest, and reliable... this is being faithful. Not doing "dirty dealings," no ripping people off, telling the truth about a product, showing up when you should and not making excuses.

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