Saturday, September 8, 2012

Punk Torah: Friendly Online Indie Jewish Temple- CHECK EM OUT!
Here is a very great open minded view of a reading, for anyone interested. It is from Parshah Devarim (the beginning of Deuteronomy).


This talk I posted is from Punk Torah. You can view their website, blog, and YouTube channel which is an open service to anyone open and interested in the Jewish faith and learning Torah in a free environment, regardless of race, color, or creed, or identity. I like that they are accessible and non judgmental. They are there as a teaching and learning community especially for people who may feel like outsiders in a traditional synagogue/ shul/ temple. I would strongly recommend this site for those interested in Judaism and Jewish spirituality.

Punk Torah has many free seforim (books). You can get a siddur (prayer book) which is easy to read. You can find prayers, benchers for meals, and entire services for holy days and sabbaths.

VERY awesome learning tools.

I know of many LGBTQ and others who are interested in the Bible. This is one of the first religious and spiritually focused sites that I have come across that I would actually tell people that they should feel free to approach. They do not discriminate, and they are there for the good of spreading light and do not ignore the realities of life, but they are not focused on using knowledge of the Bible and standings to control people or to put them down.

I give them two thumbs up! I love that this site is approachable. So anyone who was interested in this, I said I would post it... HERE IT IS!!!

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