Sunday, September 30, 2012

SUKKOT! Living in Tabernacles versus Booths

When I read of Sukkot, I come across many words:
Feast, Festival, Day.
Tabernacles, Shelters, Booths.
To me, so of these words seem to be more favorable than others.

Would you rather dwell in a tabernacle, a shelter, or a booth?
A tabernacle seems quite grand and beautiful, a shelter seems neutral and it can go either way. A booth does not seem all that cool. Would you want to tell your friends: "Hey! I live in a tabernacle. Come check it out!" Or rather, "Come see this booth I live in!"

Would you rather celebrate with a feast? Or a festival?

A feast seems more intimate. You would invite family and friends and people you love. A festival seems like a community gathering during which everyone celebrates the same event but in their own unique way.

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