Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Fire and the Water (PART I)

One flame touched another flame, and behold!
They became fire.
Moving apart to reach their destinies
They formed a third flame.
The new flame smoked; the two flames returned;
They consoled it.
The new flame was helping the two to consume the land.
They needed each other.
The new flame enlarged while the others died down.
Meanwhile, it aged.
Once the two flames were only smoke
The new flame was then ONE.
The one flame caused fires and then it caused hazards;

After a while it made catastrophes.
It was unquenchable.
There soon became nothing left to burn;
Burning itself, it was not satisfied.
The flame only wished to be put out, but
All that were not elements in the land were terrified.
The flame, NOW A FIRE, was inconsolable.

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