Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is inward?

I live in the universe, this universe I live in, is this inward?

There are other universes, other quadrants, other beings, are these inward?

Our galaxy, this solar system, our lovely planet, Earth...

A dark mixed one of my gender in this hemisphere on this sphere.

Tell me. What is inward?

How about the bras on my bed, the panties on my chair, the books on my floor, the crumpled papers, the rolling papers? Is this inward?

And what about my innards?

My siddur, my chumash, my serferim, to me, these are inward. My soul. It is inward.

How about my thoughts that I share? And what about the ones that I do not? What about the vibe that I give off.

What about the comfort I bring? What about those I neglect because I just cannot always deal.

And there are things you just do not get. There are the things I misinterpret. ALWAYS, actually. This is definitely inward.

My secrets, definitely inward. And also these are outward. Everyone knows every secret I have, I have told them all, except for one. Does this make me open? Because I know how and when to drop a line like it is nothing so that it can be easily overlooked.

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